Support Hemp in the USA

A growing list of reasons to support Hemp production in the USA

  1. Pulp and paper industries need alternative fiber sources to survive. A critical shortage of fiber has forced the industry to investigate hemp with promising research.
  2. Farmers need alternative crops to survive.
  3. Hemp is an excellent row crop, as it aerates the soil and chokes out weeds making it a good rotation crop, while returning nitrogen to the soil.
  4. Hemp could be a solution to many de-forestation and pollution problems.
  5. Hemp product industries want a domestic source of hemp. Last year over 300 businesses generated an estimated $60 million in revenue selling products made from imported hemp.
  6. Most Hemp products are imported into the USA
  7. Most if not all US Hemp made products, use raw hemp resources imported from any of the 30 other countries where Hemp is legally grown.


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