Hemp:  A Wonderful & Ancient Friend.

Hemp was NOT banned because it was a harmful drug. Hemp was banned because it was a competitive threat to the wood products industry and newly developed synthetic fibers that were patentable, and therefore more profitable than hemp. Corporations that profited from the demise of hemp propagated a smear campaign against hemp by claiming that marijuana use was a major drug problem (it was not) unfortunately, these false claims went unchallenged and hemp was outlawed in 1938. Coincidentally, or not, DuPont filed for its patent for Nylon in 1937. In spite of the ban, the plant was so necessary to the war effort that the U.S. Government, subsidized farmers during the 1940’s to put over 1 Million acres into Hemp production.  But again, under pressure brought by the textile industry, Hemp cultivation was again banned in 1955. 

Today over 30 countries have seen the errors of these actions and have repealed such bans, but the USA, like with so many things, lags behind in its global leadership.  Current efforts in no less than 30 states are underway to relax, repeal or allow hemp cultivation.  Hemp is not Marijuana, nor was it for the last 10,000 years we have been using it.  Hemp is the most nutritious food on earth, second only to soy in protein, a fuel or biofuel far more efficient than petroleum based fuels, and it is the most durable and long lasting fiber on earth.  Get to know hemp as your grandfather and your ancestors did and you will see the insanity of our current laws.


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