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We offer a large variety of Sea Salts from around the world.  Sea Salt is harvested from nearly every county with an Ocean coast line.  Everyone has its unique attributes, color, taste, texture and beneficial properties.  Sea Salt is traditionally unrefined, thus retaining 80 - 89 trace minerals and elements.  It is normally solar evaporated and ground to various levels by use of wood rakes, never metal, never curshing.  Below are some of the International Salts we have researched and provide for your cooking and eating pleasure.


    Hawaiian Alaea SeaSalt:  Is the traditional salt used in Hawaii to season and preserve. It contains purified Alae clay which is high in minerals and gives the salt a mild taste. Try mixing the coarse salt with herbs and use as a spice rub;it seals in the natural moisture of meats. The fine grain can be used as a replacement for ordinary table salt.

    Bolivian Rose™  is hand gathered from the pristine Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. The beautiful crystals are range in color, and have an exceptional flavor. The coarse grain is beautiful when displayed in a clear acrylic salt mill. The fine grain works well in a shaker.

    Himalayan Pink Salt: Like the Bolivian, is an ancient salt, dated back 300 Million years ago, before any from of polution.  Ancient oceans evaporated leaving a thick salt deposit, which is now surfacing as both the Himalayan and Andie mountains grow and bring this deposit to the surface.  It is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains. It is recognized for the beautiful pink color and high mineral content. Available in many sizes.

    Hawaiian Hiwa Kai™  Is a beautiful black lava salt produced in Hawaii. Activated charcoal is added to Pacific sea salt to give this salt both a beautiful color, and important health benefits. The silky black color makes this a great garnishing salt.  In its coarse form it is a beautiful double pyrimid crystle (two pyrimids, base to base).

       Pure Ocean™  Is a gourmet sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Brazil. The pristine crystals are solar evaporated, carefully crushed, and screened to size in a state-of-the-art European facility. No anti-caking agents or additives of any kind are used. 

    Salish™   Smoked Salt is made from the west coast of the USA's Pacific Northwest.  This pristine sea salt is then cold smoked over red Alderwood. No artificial coloring or flavoring is added. Salish gives food a delicious smoke flavor both on and off the BBQ. Try on salmon, red meat, creamy pasta dishes & baked potatoes!

    PACIFIC BLUE™   Is an All Natural Kosher flake sea salt, harvested from the Pacific Ocean. It delivers all of the beneficial nutrients of sea salt while retaining the treasured kosher flake texture. Unlike traditional refined kosher flake salts in which the trace minerals have been removed and anti-caking agents have been added, Pacific Blue is unrefined and untouched by chemicals. No additives or drying agents are used. Pacific Blue melts quickly and blends well with other dry ingredients.

    NEW ZEALANDNATURAL™  Pacific sea salt that is harvested from the deep clear waters currents of the great Southern Ocean. There are no chemical additives or processing aids used in New Zealand Natural sea salt  production. The process is certified organic† by Bio-GroNew Zealand. The porous crystals dissolve quickly and  works nicely blended with other spices.


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