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Water Bottle, Stainless Steel, 20.2 Fl.oz / .6 L

Includes ring top screw cap and quick-release carabiner clip. This water bottle is made using food grade stainless steel for maximum durability.  Prefers to be hand washed to preserve color.  Take your water with you where ever you go - litter free!


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2.2 Liter Water Bottle BPA Free

This larger size is great for long work days and all day hikes. Made from EastarTM  Resin, there is no plastic taste leaching into your water - its BPA free!  You can protect your health while also protecting our planet.  Hand washing recommended for this bottle.


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Lunch Box Water Bottle, 8 Fl Oz, BPA Free

Perfect size for kids and there's no plastic taste leaching into your water or juice - its BPA-Free. Lightweight and durable, reusable and recyclable, the Lunch Box water bottle fits easily into your kids lunch bag.


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Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Pura, .8 Ltr

This bottle will  last you a lifetime with its sturdy construction.  It also has a wide mouth to facilitate adding ice cubes to your beverage. There is no plastic in the cap of this bottle that touches the water you drink, no chance of plastic taste or contamination. 


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1 L Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This 1 liter bottle has a wide mouth for adding ice cubes, a sport bottle dispenser and years of rugged use ahead.  It is also contoured for easy holding. Comes in brushed stainless steel finish and should be hand washed.


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ReUsable 1 L Water bottle, BPA Free

BPA free means there's no plastic taste leaching into your drinking water and means its better for your health.  Flip-Top sport cap, contoured sides for easy hold and lightweight make this a good choice in water bottles.


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