Unify Jacket by Satori Movement

With two hand pockets, two chest pockets and an extra hidden pocket, you are ready to go. This jacket has a trim, athletic and snappy attitude to match it's 'green' fabric: 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Machine wash and tumble on low will keep it looking sharp and it's just the right weight for cool temperatures. Like many Euro styles, this jacket looks equally good on men and women. We have two colors from which to choose: black with a hint of Rasta colors and medium brown.


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Courderoy Hemp & Organic Cotton Jacket

This jacket has a corduroy exterior and fleece inner and is made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Hemp fiber is strong, durable and has been used for making cloth for thousands of years.  While hardy and long lasting this jacket is also warm and breathable - and the fleece lining is soft.  This just might become your favorite jacket.  Wash with eco-friendly soap, tumble dry on low and no bleach, thank you, and your jacket will look good for years to come.


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Bamboo Zippered Fleece-Lined Hoody-Long

Soft, durable and just the light-weight jacket for cool to cold, this hoody is 70% bamboo & 30% Organic Cotton.  Machine washable in eco-friendly soap, hang or tumble on low to dry - its gets softer with each wash. Yes - it has pockets and it is roughly 2" longer in arms and length.


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