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We are Bill and Susan, we live in northern CA and have for years lived as green as we could. Our home is all solar, we recycle and reuse, compost, garden, and eat healthy.  We helped to start the Humboldt Independent Business Alliance, as we support localization, so we pay attention to where we shop.

In Jan 2008 we committed ourselves to making our home and lives a little greener. After looking at everything we used in our home we began looking for the Earth-friendly substitutes.  Then we began researching the companies that made them, to see if they were being socially responsible, were using good manufacturing processes and using sustainable resources. We soon had a list of items we could change out of our everyday lives that would have a positive impact on the Earth. But then we realized the nearest place to buy most of them was 30, 40 even 50 miles of driving and many stops away.  So we decided to open the Green Living Center in our home town… being exactly what it says, a one stop green shop for many of the things that will help you green up your life and home, save money and have less impact on the Earth.  Soon we had customers coming from many miles away or shopping over the phone, as we had a collection of goods not normally found in one shop, so we decided to launch this web site to assist others, not in our back yard, to the same greening opportunities.

We began with the guidelines that everything we sell must be:

  • Made with or from plant and/or renewable and sustainable sources.
  • That they are safe for the mind, body and planet.
  • That they are safe to go down the drain without hurting our rivers or fish
  • All items must be biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.
  • And finally a commitment to buy locally or as close to our store as possible.

Our Commitment:
If we don’t have something you want, let us know. We’ll do the research and if they make it in an earth-friendly form, we’ll get it for you. Check back often as we are continually enlarging our product lines your convenience. Remember - a couple of clicks will conserve a couple of gallons of gasoline and reduce the carbon we put in the air. "350"


A grove of redwoods, a male sea lion and an indigenous frog from the South Fork Eel River (and our mascot) are some of the many things one can see and visit in Northern California.


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