The Green Living Center will continue to research its products and will post germane information to this section.  We invite you to read our research, download and use this information.  We will be adding and updating these pages as often as we find new information.  We have sections covering:

Bamboo, its benefits and comparison to to other textiles;

Chlorine and how it affects our well being;

Composting contrasted to Landfills and the many types of composting;

Hemp, its history, the many benefits it offers and how recent actions by our government,   promoted by corporate interests are keeping this wonder plant that humans have been using for over 10,000 years, away from us;

Conventional & GMO Cotton vs Organic Cotton, how they differ and how they help or hurt our environment;

Sea Salt, it tremendous health benefits and the truth about Table Salt, it isn't what you think.

If you would like information on other topics, please feel free to ask us by using the "Contact" link and we will do what we can.  We believe the more you know, the easier it will be to choose the products and foods that will help you and our planet.


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