Org. Cotton vs Cotton

The Difference between: Conventional Cotton & Organic Cotton

Seed Preparation:

          Conventional cotton:

                    Seeds are treated with Fungicides or Insecticides

                    Uses GMO seeds for about 70% of US grown cotton

          Organic cotton:

                    Uses only Untreated seeds

                    Uses NO GMO seeds

Soil & Water Treatment:

          Conventional cotton:

                    Applied Synthetic Fertilizers

                    Loss of soil due to predominately Mono-Crop culture

                    Requires Intensive Irrigation

          Organic Cotton:

                    Builds strong soil through Crop Rotation

                    Retains water, by use of increased Organic Matter in the soil

Weed Control:

          Conventional cotton:

                    Applies Herbicides to soil to inhibit weed germination

                    Repeatedly uses Herbicides to kill weeds that do grow           

          Organic cotton:

                    Physical removal of weeds rather than chemical destruction

                    Weed control done through cultivation and hand hoeing.


          Conventional cotton:

                    Uses Insecticides heavily; Uses approximately 26% of world consumption

                             While growing on only 3% of cultivated lands

                    Uses Pesticides:  The nine most commonly used are highly toxic, 5 are                                                                              classified as carcinogens.

                    Frequently uses Areal Spraying with potential drift onto farm workers and neighboring .

                             fields, wildlife and communities.

          Organic cotton:

                        Maintains a Balance between “pests” and their natural predators through                                                                 healthy soil.

                        Uses Beneficial Insects, biological and cultural practices to control pests.

                        May use Trap Crops, planted to lure insects away from cotton.

Harvesting Practices:

          Conventional cotton:

                        Defoliates with Toxic Chemicals

          Organic cotton:

                        Relies on seasonal Freeze or stimulates defoliation through Water Management.


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