Chlorine: Why do we use it?

In America the chlorination of water supplies began early in the twentieth century as a response to cholera and typhoid epidemics (water-borne pathogens) which were killing many people.  It worked; people stopped dying of cholera and typhoid.  Instead they began developing cancers, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and other chronic degenerative diseases, years later.  Cholesterol-bearing foods took the rap, even though people had been eating them for centuries without these problems.  Newer research is pointing directly at

Chlorine that has been directly associated with Heart Disease, atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, plaque formation and cancer causing carcinogens like chloroform, which is formed in the chlorinated steam of your bathroom shower.

Americans are just beginning to become aware of the importance of removing chlorine from drinking water, but little is said about removing it from bathing water.  During the 1984 Olympics in Los Angles, the European Olympic Committee refused to compete in the Olympic pool until the chlorine was removed and an alternate purification method was installed.


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