Chlorine-Is it Good or Bad

Chlorine, it is Good or Bad? 

Well that depends on where it is in our delivery system.  Chlorine is a indiscriminate killer of bacteria and microbes, it is effective and persistent, so in our municipal water pipes it is a “good thing” and for the same reasons in our households, it is a “bad thing”.

The action of chlorine is to oxidize compounds with which it contacts. The very reasons that chlorine is used in water purification are the reasons we should remove it before we finally use it.  It is an indiscriminate killer. It kills both good and bad bacteria. It will attack the hostile bacteria, the stains in your clothes, or the good bacteria in our bodies, Vitamins C and E, thyroid hormone, your skin and hair and many other compounds important to human life.  Drinking chlorine treated tap water upsets the natural and necessary bacterial balance in your intestines and is one of the factors involved in overgrowth of Candida. Candida acts as a natural antibiotic and is a "good thing".  It helps to control the growth of adverse bacteria.  It is also kept in check by these same bacteria, forming a balance in the intestines. Through the use of antibiotics, swimming, bathing in or drinking chlorinated water, the essential microorganisms in the body are killed off, allowing a bloom or overgrowth of Candida, which is a “bad thing”.


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