Chlorine Filters

10 Stage Kitchen Water Filter

This filter offers great tasting drinking water, cleaner cooking water and your goldfish will appreciate it as well.  It uses the patented KDF system to filter out 99.99% of chlorine, sediments, organisms, balances the pH to neutral and has sparkling clarity. No plumbing required and replacement cartridges are easy to handle.  Regular Price $109.00 -- limited time introductory price $99.00


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10 Stage Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

Each filter equals 300 five-gallon bottles of water and a replacement filter costs only about 4¢ a gallon, making this a very economical way to ensure your water is clean and tasting great. Fits New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter.


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Premium Shower Filter (Chlorine)

This filter fits all showers with no plumbing.  Remove your shower nozzle, screw on the filter and then add back your nozzle.  The filter uses the patented KDF system.  Lasts about a year delivering chlorine-free water in your shower.  Your skin and hair will love it - you'll notice the difference from the very first shower.  Over 75% of the Chlorine we ingest comes from the shower, so if you're just starting out, this or any of our shower filters is the place to start.


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Premium Shower Filter (Chlorine) Cartridge

Keep your skin and hair happy - maintain your shower filter with a replacement cartridge.  The Premium cartridge is easy to trade out - no plumber needed!  This replacement cartridge is for the Premium Shower Filter by New Wave Enviro.  Shower head not included.


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Splish Splash Bath Chlorine Filter

Whether its a bath for yourself or a young child, chlorine free is the way to go.  Hair and skin will retain their natural protein, staying soft and supple.  This also makes a great gift for a new mother, helping her give the best to her child. Now on SALE ! Regular price is $42.46; SALE PRICE IS $33.50!


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